Oooops I forgot


Apologies I completely forgot to take any pictures of my haul (or the 2nd one!) or any of the cards I created so far. I promise to make it up to you soon or no one will visit again.

I’ve been very busy playing and learning and having fun. One of the products I got which I love is the Stampin’ Scrub® as I had never really cleaned my stamps before just blotted them on some paper until they no longer ‘inked’ anything. I now have shiny clean stamps and will try to keep it that way. You use the mist on one side and the other has a drying surface and the rubber feet stop it from moving around on the table.
Stampin' Scrub Check out the Stampin’ Scrub

Images © 2012 Stampin’ Up!

I had a very busy start to September as I had so many cards to create for family, back to school and birthday parties. My supplies were well and truly snipped, folded, inked and stamped and I loved every minute of it.

I am in the process of planning my first demo/class so I’ll keep you posted to what I’m making and maybe a few sneak peeks.

Take care and keep crafting



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