Blogging schedule

Hi Crafty Pals,

As a family we have been working on developing our sons executive functioning skills and decided to begin with task initiation. So I am in the process of creating lots of reminder charts for before and after school to act as visual prompts so hopefully I’ll have to give less verbal reminders over time.

While thinking about his to-do’s I realised I am a procrastinator and that was probably a cause of my patchy blogging so I thought while he’s working on his skills I can set a better example and work on mine too 😉

I’m thinking small steps to start (hopefully leading to bigger ones) so I settled on a schedule (and will try to stick to it!).  My plan is to begin by posting 4 times a week:

  • Monday – challenge entry
  • Tuesday – weekly deal update
  • Friday – something simple (e.g. one layer card)
  • Saturday or Sunday – video

This hopefully will lead to more postings and videos as time goes by.  I know I tried once before to stick to a schedule, but I don’t think I was committed to becoming a better role model and in turn a successful demonstrator so I wasn’t motivated.

Something else I am thinking about is doing a featured stamp set so I’d use it for as many different types of cards/projects as I could for 1 month. This idea is definitely something to consider further once I am used to following my schedule as it will take a lot of preparation, research and discipline to do any set justice.

Have fun getting inky
Melanie and link to online store


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